Residential Care Services

YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people

YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people

YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people

YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people

YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people

YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people

YLO (Residential Care Services) provides therapeutic residential care programs to children and young people under the care and protection of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services within South East Queensland.

About Us

YLO (Residential Care Services) was established in March 2008 and serves as a non-government, privately owned service provider. The company currently operates within South East Queensland providing residential care to children and young people under the care and protection of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

YLO (Residential Care Services) residential programs operate under a therapeutic model of care. Therapeutic residential care moves beyond the basic provision of daily care and support and aims to bring about goal-directed and clinically significant change within the lives of children and young people. Therapeutic residential care provides reparative learning experiences within daily life, where each moment brings about opportunities for learning, development and growth.

Within YLO (Residential Care Services) residential care programs, children and young people are able to overcome their trauma and identify pathways for their lives, gain responsibility for choices in their life, which in turn create options for success.

“Lifestyle Pathways, Lifestyle Choices, Lifestyle Options”


To provide restorative experiences of care for children and young people that promote recovery, development and growth to maximise their potential for success and future lifestyle options.


  • To provide predictable, safe and supportive care environments
  • To enhance learning opportunities for children and young people in preparation for transition to their next care environment
  • To provide behavioural, social and emotional intervention to children and young people as part of their trauma recovery
  • To work collaboratively with stakeholders to create consistent and supportive experiences of care in which to “hold” children and young people
  • To provide a shift in the way in which residential care is viewed


  • Assisting children and young people in the development of skills within all areas of their life
  • Providing opportunities and environments conducive to children and young people making positive and appropriate choices for their lives
  • Generating a child or young person’s sense of responsibility and mastery over their life
  • Enhancing children and young people’s strengths and building resilience
  • Open communication, transparency and a team work approach
  • Connections to self, others and the community
  • To educate and to be educated


  • Child Centred Practice
  • Therapeutic Parenting Approach
  • Assessment Based Individualised Care
  • Goal Directed and Evidence Based Practice
  • Self-Reflective Practice
  • Cultural Responsivity
  • Attunement
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration


YLO (Residential Care Services) seeks to shift the current focus of children and young people placed in residential care to one in which their current capacity, goals and needs are addressed to ensure that their potential is maximised. YLO (Residential Care Services) focuses on the following points as central to their practice:

  • Ensuring the safety of the child or young person, their environment and those that are providing their care
  • Assisting the child or young person in developing skills necessary in their ability to manage emotions and behaviour
  • Assisting the child or young person to overcome cyclical patterns that continue to provide distress and impact on their ability to move forward. This largely includes processing issues related to trauma
  • Continued assessment and ongoing evaluation of the child or young person’s needs and the program itself
  • Development of curriculums and plans to ensure the safety and optimal learning opportunities for the child or young person
  • Participation of the child or young person
  • Training, support and supervision to direct care staff to ensure best practice

YLO (Residential Care Services) holds an out-of-home care licence for the provision of residential care placements within the South East and South West regions.

YLO (Residential Care Services) currently provides fee-for-service (CRC-PaS) and grant funded residential placements. These include:

  1. Short Term Accommodation and Goal Enrichment Service (STAGES)
  2. Intensive Residential Care Program

Our Service Aims

The key aims of YLO (Residential Care Services) service provision are to ensure that children and young people are:

  • Safe
  • Are provided with lifestyle guidance, choices and options for change
  • Are supported in developing their sense of being
  • Achieve and develop personal goals
  • Have greater opportunities of success and growth

YLO (Residential Care Services) ensures that all services are provided to children and young people of indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Our therapeutic model of care

Therapeutic residential care moves beyond the basic provision of daily care and support of children and young people. Research informs that children with complex to extreme needs require intervention that delivers reparative therapeutic learning experiences within daily life. With this growth and healing is an ongoing experience where each moment of the day can provide opportunities of intervention. Particularly:

  • While individual therapy may be one component of a therapeutic care program, therapeutic care is not about therapists seeing children individually
  • It is about the skilled therapeutically intentional use of daily interaction as a vehicle for delivering healing interventions
  • It is about opportunity led work where every moment can be used to make a difference
(“Developing Frameworks for Therapeutic Residential Care” Laurel Downey. James Cook University, Cairns. Adela Holmes. Berry Street Take Two, Victoria. Workshop presented at first National Workshop on Therapeutic Residential Care, 2010)

The National Definition of Therapeutic Residential Care: therapeutic residential care is intensive and time-limited care for a child or young person in statutory care that responds to the complex impacts of abuse, neglect and separation from family. This is achieved through the creation of positive, safe, healing relationships and experiences informed by sound understanding of trauma, damaged attachment, and developmental needs.

(National Therapeutic Residential Care Working Group)

Key components of therapeutic residential care include:

  • The use of the daily living milieu and direct care staff as primary agents for therapeutic change
  • Highly skilled and trained staff, who have access to quality supervision and support
  • The pivotal role of a psychologist in providing assessment and intervention services, as well as contributing to program development
  • The involvement of multidisciplinary teams of professionals (mental health, education, direct care staff)
  • Short to medium term interventions, where placements are usually 12 to 18 months in duration

Organisational Theoretical Influences

YLO (Residential Care Services) model of Therapeutic Residential Care is influenced by the overarching organisational values and culture. Two influential researchers in which YLO (Residential Care Services) draws information is that of Sandra Bloom’s creation of sanctuary and James Anglin’s struggle for congruence.

Theoretical Influences in the Provision of Therapeutic Residential Care

YLO (Residential Care Services) model of Therapeutic Residential Care draws upon five main theoretical references:

  1. Attachment
  2. Trauma
  3. Child & Adolescent Development
  4. Social Learning
  5. Resilience

Practice Framework

YLO (Residential Care Services) holds the following key elements as central to its practice of Therapeutic Residential Care:

  • Suitably experienced and qualified team of Residential Care Workers that are attuned and responsive to the needs of children and young people within the service and are able to work collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team in promoting a therapeutic milieu
  • Therapeutic parenting approach as opposed to the youth work paradigm
  • The creation of a safe, stable, consistent, predictable living environment. Within a predictable, safe and supportive environment the child or young person can learn to reflect upon their behaviour, and learn more socially adaptive ways of responding through their daily interactions with staff and others. The importance of developing a functional sense of self through interactions with others
  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment that informs therapeutic programs and care planning for each child and young person that guides implementation of individualised service delivery
  • Seek to bring about directed and clinically significant change (based on evidence/research) in the child or young person through goal directed, planned and integrated therapeutic interventions involving documented records monitoring progress and feedback on the attainment of goals
  • Using the combined elements of positive peer pressure, trust, safety and repetition, the therapeutic milieu provides all aspects of the environment that the young person’s experiences should contribute to their recovery
  • The provision of reparative, learning experiences
  • Day program and education program structure and activities
  • An approach to care which is sensitive, respectful and actively explores to understand the child or young person’s experiences
  • Provision of a safe organisational culture that emphasises both employees and children/young people have responsibility for their own choices and behaviour within appropriate limits and boundaries setting
  • Translation of complex theory into understandable action

Therapeutic Intervention

“Treatment is no longer confined to a specific hour or group, but becomes a continuous process in the context of an environment that lends itself to healing” (Bloom et al., 2003)

The aims of therapeutic care are to provide reparative experiences that promote healing and recovery. Individual therapy, although it may be helpful, cannot provide the intensity or the repetition that is required. In therapeutic care the provision of safe, nurturing relationships, stability and care enables integration of the child/young person’s experience and promotes healthy development. Rather than providing basic care and managing behavior, therapeutic care emphasises relationships and considers and responds to the child/young person’s underlying needs.

YLO (Residential Care Services) does not endorse or have total reliance on one therapeutic approach. YLO (Residential Care Services) utilises evidence based practice in the treatment of children and young people with a history of trauma and cumulative harm within the child protection system. Interventions used by YLO (Residential Care Services) include:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Trauma Focussed Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Skill Development Programs: such as assertiveness training, relaxation skills, social skills, etc.
  • Programs that assume and encourage a child/young person’s need for mastery, belonging, independence and expression of pro-social behaviour.

All chosen interventions are informed by a holistic and comprehensive assessment, developmental readiness and carer’s capacity to provide consistent and nurturing care.

contact us

All referrals to YLO (Residential Care Services) must be made through the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

The primary point of contact for each residential location is the Residential Coordinator.

Our Head Office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. During these hours, staff can be contacted via admin on 07 3341 1449. Our administration email address is

Our On-Call number is 0487 968 840 if you wish to speak with someone after hours.


Feedback & Complaints

If you have any feedback or a complaint that you’d like to let us know about, please use the form below.

Residential Care Services Career Opportunities

YLO (Residential Care Services) has a range of employment opportunities available. A list of the current vacancies are detailed below. Should you be interested in applying for any of the advertised positions, please complete the application form, pre-placement health questionnaire and email these documents along with your resume to:

Residential care worker

YLO (Residential Care Services) is currently looking for Residential Care Workers to join our team. Positions available include:

Application for Employment – Residential Care Worker

Pre-Placement Health Questionnaire

senior practitioner (clinical)

YLO (Residential Care Services) is currently looking for a full-time (12 month maternity contract) Senior Practitioner (Clinical) to join our team.

Senior Practitioner (Clinical)

Application for Employment – Head Office

Pre-Placement Health Questionnaire


Click on any of the above positions to download the position description for the role.

Please ensure that all required documentation is sent through as unfortunately incomplete applications can not be considered.


Can a member of the public refer their child or adolescent to YLO (Residential Care Services)?

No. We can only receive referrals from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

How many young people are there is each residential location?

We provide accommodation and support for two young people per residential location.

Where are your residentials located?

YLO (Residential Care Services) have residentials within the following areas:

  • Logan
  • Cleveland
  • Gold Coast
  • Ipswich
  • Toowoomba
Phone (07) 3341 1449

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